“IF” Movie Review: A Disappointing Experience for Christian Families

“IF” Movie Review: A Disappointing Experience for Christian Families

Expectations vs. Reality

Recently, I took my 5-year-old to a drive-in movie to see the new Garfield movie. To our surprise, the movie “IF” played first. Given its premise about imaginary friends, I was hopeful it would be an engaging and imaginative experience for both of us. However, the reality was far from what we expected. The movie turned out to be quite boring, not only for me as a 31-year-old but also for my young child.

Our experience with “IF” was a letdown from the start. The storyline was confusing and dragged on, making it difficult to stay engaged. Instead of a captivating adventure, we found ourselves constantly guessing what was going on. Unfortunately, the film failed to capture the interest of either age group, leaving both of us disappointed and eager for it to end.

What was more troubling, however, was the content of the movie. As a Christian, I found several aspects of the film deeply offensive, particularly the frequent use of God’s name in vain. This, combined with the slow pacing and unclear plot, made for a disappointing and inappropriate viewing experience.

Personal Experience: Boredom for All Ages

From the beginning, “IF” struggled to maintain our attention. The plot, centered around imaginary friends, was muddled and slow-paced. As an adult, I found myself constantly guessing what was happening and why. The movie’s narrative seemed disjointed, making it difficult to follow and connect with the characters. My 5-year-old, who usually enjoys animated and imaginative stories, was equally uninterested. He quickly lost interest and became restless, a clear indication that the film was not engaging for young children either.

Lack of Engagement

The movie’s pacing was a significant issue. Scenes dragged on without clear purpose or direction, causing both of us to lose interest quickly. Instead of a lively and engaging story, “IF” felt like a tedious experience. The film failed to deliver the excitement and fun that we were expecting, making it hard to stay focused and enjoy the movie.

Confusing Plot

The storyline was not only slow but also confusing. Key elements were not explained clearly, leaving us to piece together the plot on our own. This lack of clarity made it challenging to understand the characters’ motivations and the overall narrative. For a movie intended to entertain and captivate, “IF” fell short in providing a coherent and enjoyable story.

Our disappointment was compounded by the film’s content, which was not suitable for a family-friendly audience. This brings me to the most troubling aspect of the movie – the offensive language.

“IF” Movie Review: A Disappointing Experience for Christian Families

Offensive Content: Taking God’s Name in Vain

One of the most concerning aspects of “IF” was the frequent use of God’s name in vain. Throughout the movie, this occurred at least ten times, which is deeply troubling for me as a Christian. The Bible is very clear about the sanctity of God’s name. In Exodus 20:7, it states, “You shall not misuse the name of the Lord your God, for the Lord will not hold anyone guiltless who misuses his name.” This commandment highlights the seriousness of respecting God’s name and the gravity of taking it in vain.

Hearing such language in a movie, especially one that might attract children, is unacceptable. As a parent, I am cautious about the media my child is exposed to, aiming to instill values that align with our faith. Hearing God’s name used carelessly and disrespectfully in a film intended for entertainment is not only offensive but also undermines these efforts. It sends the wrong message about the importance of reverence and respect in speech.

In addition to the repeated misuse of God’s name, the movie also included the phrase “what the hell,” at least once. Such language is inappropriate for children and contradicts the principles I strive to teach my child. The inclusion of these terms reflects a disregard for the values of many viewers, particularly those who hold their faith and its teachings in high regard.

For Christian parents seeking to raise their children with strong spiritual foundations, resources like Teaching Kids About Jesus: Essentials of Christian Family Values and Spiritual Development can be invaluable. They offer guidance on how to nurture faith and values in a world where such principles are often challenged.

The offensive language in “IF” was not only disappointing but also highlighted the broader issue of inappropriate content in media aimed at families. This experience reinforced my commitment to being vigilant about the entertainment choices we make, ensuring they align with our values and beliefs.

Christian Values and Movie Choices

Choosing movies that align with Christian values is essential for fostering a faith-based environment, especially for children. The movie “IF” serves as a stark reminder of why it’s crucial to be discerning about the media we consume. Its content, which included taking God’s name in vain and using inappropriate language, directly contradicts the values we strive to uphold in our household.

Importance of Aligning Media with Faith

As Christians, we are called to live according to the teachings of the Bible, which includes being mindful of the influences around us. Philippians 4:8 encourages believers to focus on what is true, noble, right, pure, lovely, admirable, excellent, and praiseworthy. Movies and other forms of entertainment should reflect these qualities, helping to reinforce rather than undermine our faith.

Exposing children to media that contradicts these values can lead to confusion and dilute the principles we work hard to instill. The offensive content in “IF” is an example of how seemingly harmless entertainment can introduce negative influences. This experience has reinforced the importance of carefully selecting media that supports and nurtures Christian values.

For guidance on instilling Christian values in children, Teaching Kids About Jesus: Essentials of Christian Family Values and Spiritual Development provides valuable insights and practical tips. It emphasizes the importance of teaching children about Jesus and integrating faith into everyday life.

Alternatives for Faith-Based Entertainment

Given the disappointing experience with “IF,” seeking out faith-based entertainment options is more important than ever. There are many resources available that offer wholesome, engaging content aligned with Christian values.

For those exploring Christian teachings and looking for family-friendly content, How to Be a Christian: Starter Guide is an excellent resource. It offers an introduction to Christian principles and can be a great starting point for families.

Additionally, for a curated list of Christian-themed gifts and resources, Faith-Filled Finds: The Ultimate Gift Guide for Christians provides a range of options that support and celebrate faith.

Broader Issues in Media

The experience with “IF” highlights a broader issue in media today: the prevalence of inappropriate content in films marketed to families. It’s increasingly common for movies, even those seemingly aimed at children, to include language and themes that conflict with Christian values.

Inappropriate Content in Family Media

Many films and shows include subtle and overt messages that can negatively influence young viewers. The use of offensive language, as seen in “IF,” is just one example. These elements can desensitize children to inappropriate language and behaviors, making it crucial for parents to be vigilant about what their children watch.

The broader media landscape often prioritizes entertainment value over moral and ethical considerations. This can lead to a normalization of behaviors and language that contradict Christian teachings. For families striving to uphold these values, it’s essential to actively seek out and support media that aligns with their beliefs.

For an in-depth look at how technology and media can impact our lives, including concerns about privacy and influence, Is Your Phone Watching You? The Terrifying Reality of Mobile Surveillance Exposed provides important insights. This article underscores the need to be aware of the content we consume and its potential effects on our beliefs and behaviors.

The Role of Parents and Guardians

As parents and guardians, it’s our responsibility to guide our children and protect them from harmful influences. This includes being discerning about the media they consume and discussing why certain content is inappropriate. By doing so, we help our children develop a strong moral foundation and the ability to critically evaluate the messages they receive from the media.

Resources for Christian Families

To support this effort, numerous resources are available to help families find and enjoy media that aligns with Christian values. For example, Faith-Filled Finds: The Ultimate Gift Guide for Christians offers a curated selection of faith-based entertainment options and gifts that reinforce positive values.

Additionally, for those navigating difficult topics and seeking biblical guidance, Your 24/7 Bible Hotline for Life’s Emergencies provides a reliable source of support and information.

By choosing media that aligns with our faith, we can create a nurturing environment that supports our children’s spiritual growth and helps them develop a strong, values-based foundation.

A Disappointing and Inappropriate Film

The movie “IF” was a disappointing experience for both me and my child. Its slow pacing, confusing plot, and inappropriate content made it an unsuitable choice for family viewing. The frequent use of God’s name in vain and other offensive language highlighted the need for greater discernment in choosing media that aligns with Christian values.

This experience reinforces the importance of being vigilant about the media we consume and its impact on our beliefs and behaviors. As Christians, it’s crucial to seek out and support content that reflects our values and nurtures our faith.

For further exploration of defending Christian values in all aspects of life, Defending Harrison Butker’s Christian Faith and Freedom of Speech offers a compelling perspective on upholding faith in the public sphere.

Let us be mindful of the media we choose and commit to fostering an environment that supports and strengthens our Christian values. By doing so, we can ensure that our children grow up with a strong moral foundation and a deep, abiding faith.

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